Coaching Sessions

Before I begin any coaching relationship I will first discuss with you your current level of skill and how and where you currently play the game. First I must establish with confidence that I can offer you real valuable assistance. If I am not absolutely sure I can make you a more profitable player,  then I will consider referring you to another colleague. Once we have established that I am the correct coach for you we will discuss how the sessions should be conducted. Typically I use Skype as the main communication software. I also use sofware called Teamviewer which enables you to see my desktop or the other way around.

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Coaching sessions are typically one hour long. I often use powerpoint presentations as a discussion tool but we will also review real play and saved hands data during our sessions. I am flexible and I have even offered face to face coaching for individuals and groups of up to six people.

To book a free initial discussion with me about coaching simply fire off a contact form, email or give me a call.